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The AA Selects Actian’s Innovative Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse Solution for Advanced Data Analytics and Flexibility

October 23, 2020 / Jeff Veis

Actian, the leader in hybrid cloud data analytics, today announced that The AA, a leading UK automobile insurer and breakdown service provider, has selected Actian’s Avalanche™ hybrid cloud data warehouse for its insurance business to execute its cloud strategy. The AA, the UK’s leading British motoring association, provides vehicle insurance, driving lessons, breakdown coverage, loans, motoring advice, road maps and other services to its thousands of customers every day. With Actian’s Avalanche data warehouse service, the AA can now effortlessly analyze operational data in real-time to provide customized services to its clients. Avalanche’s high performance and scalability enables the AA to process their data science workloads at lightning speed, taking advantage of Actian’s flexible pay-as-you-go subscription pricing and compute elasticity.