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The Defining Role of Open Source Software for Managing Digital Data

May 31, 2019 / Editorial Team

When I think about technology and data today, there is a seismic shift from ‘confinement’, and ‘restriction’ to ‘openness’ and ‘transparency’. In technology, exciting breakthroughs coming to us are happening because of collective efforts and collaboration. And, most technologists and business leaders find this openness attractive be it becoming more agile in a state of changing market dynamics, staying innovative and insight-driven, reducing operating cost, and doing more with less.On the other hand, data liberation and data literacy are the mainstream debates. Data is increasingly being generated from different channels: it comes from inside and outside the organization in both structured and unstructured ways. It is distributed and stored across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures. And, organizations that invest in leveraging data for data-driven decisions and improving brand trust at every level will have a competitive advan...