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The Role of Big Data and Mobile Apps in Healthcare

September 09, 2019 / NA

Healthcare is perhaps the only field after banking and education that produces and analyzes the most data, yet the least integrated with big data analytics. This is both a blessing and a curse. While keeping medical data off shared networks helps maintain its integrity and secures it from attack, it prevents us from gleaning into the cues that could possibly save more lives and lead to better treatment outcomes.Why? Because AI and computer analytics tools are better at sorting through millions and millions of data than humans will ever be. Imagine what flying a plane would be like without the aid of the onboard computer to analyze all the data from the many sensors. Can the pilot fly the plane without the computer? Yes, but with great difficulty and risk.
Imagine the possibilities for the healthcare industry if all medical data was integrated into some big data analytics system. The growth of the healthcare industry is not the main point here. It’s a consequence of what is...