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Three ways big data is changing sports

January 09, 2019 / Kayla Matthews

Big data has uprooted longstanding practices in industries ranging from retail to banking, so it's not surprising that it's affected sports too. Here are three ways that it has made a major impact on the industry. Improving recruitment decisions about college athletes. People who play sports in college have opportunities to get some of their college expenses paid for via sports-related scholarships. Star athletes can increase a school's prominence too, especially if they lead teams to championship wins. Some universities are aiming to boost the chances of finding the next athletic superstars by using big data algorithms. One is the University of Virginia. It has algorithms that predict a football player's likelihood of making it to the NFL or attending the University of Virginia instead of another school. Then, recruiters know how and where to focus their energy and other resources. Although this method might uncover surprising and helpful findings, it's also crucia...