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TigerGraph Cloud: the Fast and Complete Graph Database-as-a-Service for Everyone

November 30, 2018 / insideBIGDATA

TigerGraph, the fast graph analytics platform for the enterprise, introduced TigerGraph Cloud, the simplest, most robust and cost-effective way to run scalable graph analytics in the cloud. Users can easily get their TigerGraph service up and running, tapping into TigerGraph’s library of customizable graph algorithms to support key use cases including AI and Machine Learning. Graph database algorithms have been long used by organizations like Facebook, Google, Alibaba and LinkedIn to build businesses worth trillions of dollars. With Graph, users are able to find patterns, connections and gain new business insight from their data. This connected and transferable knowledge is what drives innovations in AI and Machine Learning. TigerGraph Cloud provides data scientists, business analysts and developers with the ideal cloud-based service for applying SQL-like queries for faster and deeper insights into data.