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Too many providers are failing to meaningfully integrate data analytics

January 13, 2020 / Nathan Eddy

Healthcare providers are failing to integrate digital data platforms into their IT infrastructure, and and analytics into their clinical and operational workflows. This despite widespread availability of the technology and a definite need for it, given the demands of value-based reimbursement.Those were among the findings of a Black Book survey of 748 providers organizations, which found utilization of advanced analytics was described as "negligible" by a whopping 80% of respondents.Meanwhile, 84% of the C-suite execs and board members polled said their health systems only used analytics to a  "limited or minimal extent to generate commercial or outcome insights," according to the survey.Even while the market for healthcare data analytics booms and provider access to such tools has risen sharply in past years, multiple factors, ranging from a lack of strategic direction to the absence of internal data scientists, have sharply curbed usage.A lack of financial re...