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Trust and quality of geospatial data analytics

January 10, 2020 / Ashutosh Verma

Have you ever experience getting in the wrong end of a one-way road while navigating with Google Maps? Well, at least I have more than once perhaps. Many of you will also remember a major gaffe by Apple in 2012 when Apple Maps placed an Australian city of Mildrua inside a national park about 70 km from where it actually was. This resulted in Australian police rescuing several individuals. They warned the public to be careful about Apple Maps and called the issue “potentially life threatening.Such situations are not uncommon, they do happen. In military context also, surveillance data can throw up wrong warnings, false positives as well as false negatives can have serious ramifications, especially in a high tempo op of connected battlefield. In businesses, there are high stakes involved. Today, data and analytics underpins a competitive advantage of a company. More and more companies are embracing digital transformation and relying on data and analytics for decision making than gu...