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Weekend update: Facebook on the up, IBM embraces diversity, healthcare startups changing the industry and Amazon disrupting the retail world – again

February 01, 2019 / Caitlin Stanway-Williams

Even though the longest January on record has now drawn to a close the tech world lacks a brake pedal and so it's been another action-packed week at the Innovation Enterprise news desk. Following the announcement that its second headquarters will be located in Queens, New York, Amazon announced it is funding computer science classes in more than 130 New York City schools. Facebook has also announced it will be integrating WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram and revealed record 4Q18 profits of $6.9bn, up from $4.3bn the year before. Meanwhile, IBM has collaborated with Ford to use blockchain to monitor cobalt mines in DR Congo as the legacy tech giant announced plans to use one million diverse faces to train facial recognition to avoid bias. Below, we highlight some of our other favorite stories, interviews and analysis from across our Channels. Big data in healthcare: Top startups and what they will change. AI and big data is already disrupting pretty much all industries with their p...