Addressing Big Data Challenge Hadoop way

Are you unsure of how to leverage Big Data and select among the many technologies surrounding it? Don't worry - you aren't alone. Here and watch this video to know how you can address the Big Data challenges using Hadoop.
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Implementing Oracle Database-as-a-Service for Cloud-Like Agility

Robin Systems, Inc

A growing number of organizations are turning to Docker containers to help solve really big application requirements. Among the biggest out there are those imposed by Oracle and Oracle RAC. What if you could deploy Oracle or Oracle RAC as a stateless cloud-native workload in your environment? Transform a complex process into one with an App Store-like experience.
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Data Analytics and Insights: Fueling a Better Future for HigherEd

We live in a data-driven world. If higher education institutions don’t take steps to derive actionable insights from their data, they will miss out on opportunities to identify problems and enact positive change that will fuel the future of HigherEd. Join this webinar to learn how having access to the right analytics – and deriving actionable insights from that data – can benefit every area of your institution and help your team tackle the challenges facing HigherEd today.
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Keeping the Pulse of Your Data – Why You Need Data Observability to Improve Data Quality

With the explosive growth of DataOps to drive faster and more confident business decisions, proactively understanding the quality and health of your data is more important than ever. Data observability is an emerging discipline within data quality used to expose anomalies in data by continuously monitoring and testing data using artificial intelligence and machine learning to trigger alerts when issues are discovered.
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Analyze Data Faster with an Open Source Columnar Database


If you are looking for the scalability and performance needed to support interactive, ad hoc analytics on billions of rows – and with SQL – this latest Data Science Central webinar will show you how to combine distributed, columnar storage and parallel query processing with powerful aggregate functions to deliver faster time to insight using modern, on-demand analytics, as well as how to leverage the power of Kafka and Spark connectors to plug into existing data pipelines. We will discuss the architectural overview of columnar databases, share real-world use cases and give a live demonstration.
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