Applying Governance to Business Processes

The most effective way to formally govern business processes is to apply governance to the process rather than redefine the entire process. This is one of the core tenets to Non-Invasive Data Governance and it assumes that your business processes are defined in the first place. In this month’s RWDG webinar, Bob Seiner will address how to apply formal Data Governance to existing processes and how to engage governance communities when defining new business processes. There is a distinct advantage to taking the Non-Invasive Approach to apply governance to business processes and Bob will detail this advantage during this month’s webinar.
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Forrester Research: The State of Enterprise CRM Data Management 2021

The results are in! Over the summer of 2021, Odaseva and Forrester collaborated on a survey studying how CRM professionals in large enterprises feel about their ability to manage data, the challenges they are facing, and the emerging trends impacting their success. The responses were eye-opening.
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Data visualization in Looker Studio: Better dashboards with Supermetrics Charts

It’s not always about the numbers; it’s more about how you present them in an easily understandable way. Not everything can go into a pie chart, and not everything looks right in a line graph. That’s why it’s crucial to know the best principles of data visualization.
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Data Management for Successful AI

AI is seen by many as the best way to secure the future of their organisations, but there is significant public concern about its possible detrimental impact. Some are concerned about the concentration of power in the hands of huge tech companies, while some see automation as a threat to their employment.
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Architecting a Secure, Highly-Available Kubernetes Data Services Platform for Red Hat OpenShift

Attend this webinar to find out how Portworx and Red Hat are working together to help you run your Kubernetes applications. In this talk, learn how Portworx Kubernetes Data Platform delivers the enterprise-grade features you need to manage and automate the data in your Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA) environment while reducing the AWS infrastructure bill by up to 60%.
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