Augmenting BI and Analytics in the Age of AI and Big Data

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies are driving major changes in how organizations think about business intelligence and analytics. Rather than be limited to querying and reporting on just what is in traditional BI systems or data warehouses, many business users and analysts want to tap a fuller range of data in systems running Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, or on cloud data platforms and storage. At the same time, AI practices and technologies (in particular machine learning and natural language processing) are changing how users explore, analyze, and interact with data and the types of insights they can generate.
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How to Gauge Project Feasibility with Rapid Prototyping using Code-First Data Science

Data scientists’ time is valuable. Computing resources are expensive. With only 87% of projects ever making it to production (Source: VentureBeat), organizations often overcommit to costly projects that bear little fruit. Data science teams need a way to assess project feasibility without diving head first.
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Data and Analytics Trends for 2019 and Beyond: A Panel Discussion


Discussion Topics: - How effective are your current data and analytics initiatives - What trends will most impact how you utilize data and analytics in 2019 and beyond - What must you do to maximize data and analytics in your organization
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Riding the Data Privacy Wave: How Will You Stay Afloat?


Data privacy regulation is bigger than just GDPR. Other countries and jurisdictions are enacting their own versions of the data privacy regulation, each with subtle nuances - such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD), and more - and that’s on top of existing privacy regulations. Moreover, consumers increasingly expect more protection for their sensitive information. A recent IBM-Harris poll of 10,000 individuals revealed that 75% of consumers won’t buy from companies they don’t trust no matter how great their product or service.
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How Investors Can Leverage Big Data and AI for Better ESG and Water Risk Analysis

Ceres Channel

Alternative data and AI (artificial intelligence) are increasingly being explored by investors as ways to gain ESG and potentially water risk insights. In this Ceres Webinar, speakers Ashby Monk, PhD from Stanford and Steven Fortier and Dr. Toby Messier from Aquantix explore the reality and possible future use of alternative data, natural language processing and AI in developing new approaches to collecting and analyzing E. risks – particularly those related to water.
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