BI, Hive or Big Data Analytics? When to use what

As more organizations look to Hadoop as the technology solution for big data analytics, common questions arise. Join us in this case study look at an online services provider's experience with Big Data.
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This video shows you how to extract financial and other information from quarterly reports using Text Analytics in BigInsights on Cloud. Watch more videos in the BigInsights Learning Center at


Recording – Introduction to Semantic Data Integration with GraphDB™


A major challenge for today’s enterprises is data integration: how to effectively leverage the data available both in structured and unstructured form. This unification process starts with the design and building of the semantic data integration layer, and ends with the application benefits.
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Enabling Exploratory Analysis of Large Data with Apache Spark and R

Databricks Inc

R has evolved to become an ideal environment for exploratory data analysis. The language is highly flexible - there is an R package for almost any algorithm and the environment comes with integrated help and visualization. SparkR brings distributed computing and the ability to handle very large data to this list. SparkR is an R package distributed within Apache Spark. It exposes Spark DataFrames, which was inspired by R data.frames, to R. With Spark DataFrames, and Spark’s in-memory computing engine, R users can interactively analyze and explore terabyte size data sets.
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Getting Started with TAP (Trusted Analytics Platform) + Open Forum LIVE

Data Center Insights from Intel

Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) engineering and support teams present an overview of the open-source project’s capabilities to deploy cloud-native applications on advanced analytics at scale. In this reoccurring session, the team will demonstrate TAP, give an overview of features, outline the project & documentation in github, and hold a live Q&A with attendees. Learn more about TAP:
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Machine Learning Overview

In this on-demand webinar, SAS data scientist Patrick Hall will discuss the principles of machine learning, the multidisciplinary nature of data analysis and the traditional methods used in machine learning applications…
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