Big Data Analytics on the Cloud: Deploy big data applications with Redshift, S3, and Google BigQuery


If your company would like to run ad-hoc analyses on massive datasets, and build enterprise reports and dashboards, our integration with Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and S3 can get you on the way. Watch this on-demand webcast to learn: How to blend cloud and on-premise data to visualize information, both for IT and business users. How to seamlessly connect to data stored in Google BigQuery, Redshift, and S3, via MicroStrategy's ODBC connectors. VLDB optimization and tuning techniques to maximize performance with Google BigQuery, Redshift, S3, and MicroStrategy.
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The easy part is its accessibility. When things are digital, they’re simple to save, share, analyze, and repackage...


How to Gain a Crisis Advantage with Real-Time Information

To reduce the impact of an unfolding crisis, companies need a clear, accurate and early line of sight into emerging risks. Leaders can then act with confidence and seize opportunities to preserve brand reputation while driving operational excellence. To demonstrate how real-time information can help companies gain advanced warn

A Better Alternative: Advanced Analytics and Alternative Data in Consumer Lending

The unsecured personal loan market is hot and growing rapidly. It is also prime testing grounds for the use of alternative sources of data and advanced analytics in marketing and loan decisioning, given the number of traditional and non-traditional lenders competing to meet consumer demand. Join Equifax and Aite Group as we dis

Expand Access to Credit with Alternative Data from Equifax

Equifax analysis indicates that approximately 91.5 million consumers in the US either have no credit file, or have insufficient information in the file to generate a traditional credit score. Your visibility into credit applicants determines whether you will offer more loans or miss profitable opportunities. By giving you incre

Harness Real-time Public Information to Improve Active Shooter Response

Corporate security teams hope never to respond to an active shooter situation. But given today’s realities, companies spend a great deal of time developing guidelines, holding training sessions, and carrying out drills to ensure that their staff will be prepared in case an active shooter event occurs. Protocols in place for many