Big Data and Analytics in Pharma

Pharma has had access to Big Data for quite some time now, but the data is only useful if you know what to do with it. That’s something pharma companies are just starting to figure out. This webinar will help you get up to speed faster by discussing ways pharma companies can harness the astonishing amount of data they collect to build a lasting competitive advantage.
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Unleash the power of text analytics on your dark data with IBM Watson Explorer for Data Science Experience


In this webinar we will provide an overview and demonstration of new IBM Watson Explorer for Data Science Experience features that enable data science teams to more productively discover and use insight from document collections and other text data to achieve new outcomes.
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Real-Time, Scalable Applications Powered by a Modern Data Platform

As organizations seek to deliver new applications and services, they often also need highly scalable and lightning-fast data management platforms to support these innovations. For instance, some new applications work against millions or billions of rows of data and require a response time in milliseconds. These might include financial services applications that need to process transactions with sub-millisecond response rates and be globally available.
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Redis Ingenuity Webinar Beyond Caching: AI-Powered Search with Redis

Search capability is ingrained into our daily life. How many arguments these days are settled with the conclusion, “Just Google it”??! We all expect some type of search functionality in every application and website. Meanwhile, advances in computer vision, natural language processing, large language models, and generative AI have made it possible to extract semantic properties from unstructured data in the form of vector embeddings. It can be daunting to query this kind of data, which combines K-Nearest Neighbors algorithms and lexical search, unless you have the right tool for the job. When you fail, performance suffers. Web users typically expect search results under one second.
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Citrix Moves Data to Amazon Redshift Fast with Matillion ETL

Amazon Web Services, Inc

Citrix, a Fortune 1000 multinational software company, needed to migrate massive amounts of data generated by its FileShare platform to Amazon Redshift, where it could perform data analytics to help inform product improvements and drive success. To do this, Citrix needed an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solution. Matillion ETL, easily deployable from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, helps Citrix collate and summarize data and augment it with more traditional business data from Microsoft SQL Server for additional context. Join our webinar to learn how organizations of any size can move data to the cloud quickly, accurately, and affordably with Matillion ETL.
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