Bring Your Business Analytics to Life with Automation

Having access to current business data is critical to daily operations. Maybe you need to know if the orders you received today are going to get processed on time or if you have enough material in stock to meet demand, or maybe your management team needs a regularly-updated sales summary. For any essential business metric, you want to be able to present the information in a way that is both easy to comprehend and easy to update. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to create compelling visual dashboards that automatically track critical business data using Automate. Using simple HTML dashboard templates, your team can start generating KPI dashboards on-the-fly to keep teams informed of how well the daily work is progressing.
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Building a Data-Driven Business, Transforming Analytics Capability Through Data and AI

75% of organisations believe they are not living up to their analytics potential. Research has shown that there are 5 major factors holding organisations back from fully utilising analytics in their business, these include: It’s time to change your experience with data and analytics. Data is growing exponentially and and more organisations are starting to realise that becoming data-driven is imperative to their success. Join us for this webinar as we take you through how to transform your analytics capability through data and AI to become a truly data-driven business.
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Empowering Collaboration Between Data Practitioners and Product Managers

As data practitioners and product managers strive to gain actionable insights with the data at hand, it’s important for both roles to work collaboratively.
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Secure Your Data Mesh Architecture on AWS

The criticality of becoming a data-driven enterprise is a given. But there are multiple data, security and governance approaches to get there. Which should you choose? Learn the challenges of implementing a Data Lake and the benefits of a modern Data Mesh approach with AWS. Hear from AWS Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Ayan Ray, and Privacera Director of Sales Engineering, Lovelesh Chawla, as they discuss the importance of implementing a modern unified data security governance platform. Manage, secure, and automate data access, security, and compliance simply and consistently across your entire data mesh on AWS.
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Empowering Local Leaders with Near Real-Time Data and Analytics

Decisions made at the national and state level are affecting local communities all around the country. But these communities vary greatly. How do local leaders take control to ensure the right decisions are made for their communities?
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