Bring Your Business Analytics to Life with Automation

Having access to current business data is critical to daily operations. Maybe you need to know if the orders you received today are going to get processed on time or if you have enough material in stock to meet demand, or maybe your management team needs a regularly-updated sales summary. For any essential business metric, you want to be able to present the information in a way that is both easy to comprehend and easy to update. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to create compelling visual dashboards that automatically track critical business data using Automate. Using simple HTML dashboard templates, your team can start generating KPI dashboards on-the-fly to keep teams informed of how well the daily work is progressing.
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Expanding Biobanking Size and Scope to Advance Big Data Discovery


Currently, the Cleveland Clinic Biorepository is an assembly of several biobanks together with the Lerner Research Institute. Excel spreadsheets track almost everything – and there are no universal LIS, SOPs, universal, centralized freezer monitoring, or means to electronically track patient tissue. The Cleveland Clinic is embarking on an enterprise-wide initiative to accelerate its biobanking capacity, leveraging its clinical volume and disease expertise. As part of this initiative, the Cleveland Clinic is partnering with Brooks Life Sciences to build a state of the art, 21,000 square-foot structure biobanking facility, set to open in the summer of 2019.
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Webinar SAS Academy for Clinical Programming


You want to launch a career in the pharmaceutical industry? Then become a SAS® Certified Clinical Trials Programmer. This training program from SAS and OCS Life Sciences prepares you to work as a SAS® Certified Clinical Trials Programmer. The combination of coursework and hands-on learning helps you build a foundation of clinical research theory and data manipulation and analysis skills – which can open doors to new opportunities. Check out this On-Demand webinar and discover how SAS can help you accelerate development of life-changing therapies.
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Data Privacy Using AI-Driven Data Catalogs

Do you have your Enterprise’s data privacy under control? Do you know what datasets are sensitive and who has access? Many companies are behind on privacy and regulatory compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.). Legacy tools and manual processes are inaccurate and error prone and can force you to choose between delaying data access by months, or increased compliance risk.
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Delivering AI/ML and BI into New Digital Transformation Use Cases

Staying competitive in today’s economy requires that organizations derive intelligent insights from data and make their processes automated, intelligent, adaptive, and self-optimizing. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) play a central role in business transformation.
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