Dashboard Design with the User in Mind

Tableau Software

Attend this latest Data Science Central webinar to learn how to apply UX design principles to your dashboard creation process. Alyshia Olsen, User Experience Designer at Tableau, will walk you through a proven process for understanding and predicting potential demands on a given dashboard, and how to proactively build and prioritize for a variety of variables. This webinar will include several practice examples. Join live and see how to build dashboards that are more effective and appropriate for the audience they're intended for by anticipating users’ needs.
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What is big data ethnography and why is it valuable?


Predictive Analytics in Public Sector

IBM SPSS Analytics

In this webinar we explain how Public Sector organisations are using predictive analytics to make sense of their data to improve outcomes, allocate resources more effectively and reduce costs.See how your peers in Local and Central government and Healthcare are moving beyond spreadsheets to find hidden patterns and trends in their data to help them.Improve services, programs and outcomes.Allocate resources effectively and reduce costs
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Power BI: Business Intelligence Worth Sharing


The real value of business intelligence (BI) is creating a culture where data is ubiquitous, consistent, and allows everyone to make better decisions faster. Make more of your data with the newest collaboration solutions in Microsoft’s Power BI platform, including creating and sharing dashboards, browsing published organizational dashboards, embedding dynamic dashboards in team and intranet sites, and much more.
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Metadata Management for Scientific Research


Groups maintaining data repositories at the petabyte-scale are discovering that cataloguing associated metadata is necessary to properly access recall and analyze data. Capturing and maintaining metadata long term is becoming as critical as the data itself.Join this EMC Tech Talk to learn about:The evolving nature of metadata in scientific research.The recent advancements and approaches to meta-data management.Current EMC R&D activities to develop meta-data management capabilities
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How Verizon is Solving Big Data Problems with Interactive BI


With increasing data volumes and data sources, enterprises are outgrowing their traditional BI solutions and struggling to make use of the data collected on their new data platforms. Frequently, data engineers will resort to old habits of shifting data sets between repositories so that data can be analyzed using older methods.
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