Data & Analytics Leadership and Vision for 2019

- Establish a trusted foundation of data management
- Increase the data literacy of all roles in the enterprise
- Scale data and analytics capabilities for the complexity of modern digital business
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Harness Real-time Public Information to Improve Active Shooter Response

Corporate security teams hope never to respond to an active shooter situation. But given today’s realities, companies spend a great deal of time developing guidelines, holding training sessions, and carrying out drills to ensure that their staff will be prepared in case an active shooter event occurs. Protocols in place for many
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Applying Governance to Business Processes


The most effective way to formally govern business processes is to apply governance to the process rather than redefine the entire process. This is one of the core tenets to Non-Invasive Data Governance and it assumes that your business processes are defined in the first place. In this month’s RWDG webinar, Bob Seiner will address how to apply formal Data Governance to existing processes and how to engage governance communities when defining new business processes. There is a distinct advantage to taking the Non-Invasive Approach to apply governance to business processes and Bob will detail this advantage during this month’s webinar.
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'The Data Protection Challenges of Hybrid Working'

According to the Office for National Statistics, in April 2020, the number of remote workers increased to 46% of the population. Now with the easing of lockdown measures, many businesses are considering or are already implementing what the Financial Times calls a "split model' a.k.a "hybrid working" that divides the time between the home and the office. If home-office working is to become the norm, then organisations need to consider the data protection challenges they will be faced with.
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Winning Market Expansion Strategies for CPG brands, Using Spatial Data and Analytics

CPG brands are navigating an ever-changing landscape where consumer habits are evolving and new digital players have been quick to adopt direct-to-consumer approaches. For CPG companies to innovate and thrive, they need to enhance their first-party spatial understanding of consumers and use these valuable insights to drive impactful market expansion decisions.
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