Data-driven control: Access Management as a Facilitator of Business Value

There’s a pervasive perception held by many organizations that data governance or effective access management for data somehow reduces the ability to leverage and derive insight from information. This could not be further from the truth. Full control of data is necessary for both data protection and data leverage. In this webina
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Real-Time, Scalable Applications Powered by a Modern Data Platform

As organizations seek to deliver new applications and services, they often also need highly scalable and lightning-fast data management platforms to support these innovations. For instance, some new applications work against millions or billions of rows of data and require a response time in milliseconds. These might include financial services applications that need to process transactions with sub-millisecond response rates and be globally available.
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Modern Data Analytics in the Cloud: Achieving an End-to-End Strategy


Businesses today need fast, scalable, and agile data and analytics, and cloud-based solutions are proving critical to satisfying these requirements. They enable organizations to rapidly and easily spin up systems and services for collecting, managing, and analyzing data. More important, cloud-based solutions deliver value from “data gravity”the surging volumes of new data created in the cloud by social media, the IoT, multichannel customer behavior, and other activity.
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Data Governance Takes a Village: So Why is Everyone Hiding?

The entire business community — not just your data experts — uses data. How do you build a “village” of stakeholders throughout the organization to execute a data governance program? And how can a data catalog accelerate adoption?
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Forrester Research: The State of Enterprise CRM Data Management 2021

The results are in! Over the summer of 2021, Odaseva and Forrester collaborated on a survey studying how CRM professionals in large enterprises feel about their ability to manage data, the challenges they are facing, and the emerging trends impacting their success. The responses were eye-opening.
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