Data Governance Strategies

Much like project management and home improvements, Data Governance sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. In a nutshell, Data Governance can be explained as “managing data with guidance.” In general, the perceived utility of these programs increases with the specificity of desired data and processing improvements. Whether restarting or starting your Data Governance programs, it is critical to be guided by a periodically revised Data Strategy that links support for organizational strategy to specific operational data improvements. Understanding these and other aspects of governance is necessary to eliminate the ambiguity that often surrounds the implementation of effective Data Management and stewardship programs.
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How to Scale New Products with a Data Lake on AWS and Qubole

Big data technologies can be both complex and involve time consuming manual processes. Organizations that intelligently automate big data operations lower their costs, make their teams more productive, scale more efficiently, and reduce the risk of failure.
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Visualizing Asset Protection in a Big Data World


Data breaches are in the news nearly every day as companies struggle to protect their customers’ greatest assets their personal information. From the theft of credit card information and personal health records to critical business information leakage; the threats are constant. Certainly, firewalls and endpoint protection are critical and necessary, but what about data controls and analytics? In this one hour webinar you will hear the latest on how companies are leveraging end-to-end controls, monitoring an analytics solutions to meet information privacy and security compliance standards. Even better, you will hear directly from Kemper, a leading insurer with $8B in assets, and learn how they are approaching information security risk management.
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The Dremio Open Data Lakehouse and Microsoft Deliver a Full-Stack Solution for Analytics

Businesses across industries are inundated with customer and operational data, and data teams are burdened with a growing number of data access requests from technical and non-technical data consumers. As cloud data lakes grow, the challenge for many organizations will be providing access to that data for exploratory BI and interactive analytics. In this webinar, learn how the Dremio Open Data Lakehouse provides direct access to data in Azure Data Lake Storage, and how Power BI and Dremio work together to democratize analytics for a wide range of data consumers.
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Webinar: Key Considerations for Managing Massive Backups

The challenges and complexity of maintaining a “ready-to-recover” posture grow exponentially as the volume of data, the number of locations and numbers of workloads continue to skyrocket. Join two seasoned backup-and-recovery experts as they discuss solutions for managing backups at a massive scale and how you can deliver predic
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