Data Prep for Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Rapid Insight

Machine learning is fast-tracking the way that pattern recognition and item matching is performed. However, even machine learning techniques are still befuddled by dirty data. In fact, dirty data is an unfortunate inevitability with big datasets. Current solutions for cleaning data usually involve a lot of hours spent scripting, repeating the same steps over and over again on new cohorts, and coming up with solutions that too are specific to apply to other areas of your dataset. Self-serve, code free, autonomous data prep for machine learning can easily solve all these issues.
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Big Data is a natural fit for the cloud. Oracle Big Data Cloud Service gives you high performance, agility, and a complete big data environment.


What happens when Big Data is also Fast Data


When we talk about Big Data, we imagine large stores of data that needs to be mined and analysed. This data is "at rest" - in a database, in Hadoop. But data at rest is old data, and may be beyond its shelf life. Some data needs to be analysed while it is still moving. This is FAST DATA, and it represents the single most important opportunity that all manner of businesses are looking to exploit.
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"Agile and Big Data: A Match Made in Heaven"

EPAM Systems

Meet EPAM's Ian Abramson, Director BI Competency Center, and Gino Marckx, Director Agile Competency Center, as they explain why Big Data and Agile is a happy marriage of science and methodology when done right.
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Strategies to Modernize BI & Analytics Workloads

In this session, guest speaker Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst, Forrester, and Emma McGrattan, SVP Engineering at Actian, will explain why modern BI and analytics workloads operate poorly in both traditional and Hadoop environments. The webinar will offer practical lessons and strategies for successfully building an enterprise-grade BI experience.
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SnapLogic Live:Powering the Data Lake


See a demonstration of SnapLogic and ask the experts your hybrid cloud and big data integration questions. Designed for SnapLogic prospective customers, partners and companies currently running our award-winning platform, here's what you can expect during this session: A 30-minute discussion focused on a specific topic where you can have your questions answered by our hybrid cloud and big data integration specialists. A deep dive into topics such as cloud application integration (for Workday, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, etc.) and big data integration (using Hadoop, Spark, the Hadooplex, SnapReduce and more)
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