Data Protection Considerations for Multi-Cloud Environments

The benefits of turning to the cloud are numerous; scalability, control, flexibility, and power to name a few. While transitioning to the cloud has many strong points, there are still the challenges of data and application protection. In this webinar, you’ll learn:
- How to leverage multi-cloud as an addition to your traditional data center
- What applications and services require the most protection in hybrid mode and how to protect them
- The importance of portability and how to avoid lock-in
- How to get better compliance and data protection by moving data between on-prem and the cloud.
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How to build an Open Data Lakehouse stack

As more companies are leveraging the Data Lake to run their warehouse workloads, we’re seeing many companies move to an Open Data Lakehouse stack. The Open Data Lakehouse brings the reliability and performance of the Data Warehouse together with the flexibility and simplicity of the Data Lake, enabling data warehouse workloads to run on the data lake.
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Data-driven control: Access Management as a Facilitator of Business Value

There’s a pervasive perception held by many organizations that data governance or effective access management for data somehow reduces the ability to leverage and derive insight from information. This could not be further from the truth. Full control of data is necessary for both data protection and data leverage. In this webina
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Enabled Data Quality and Data Governance


Analytics-Enabled Data Quality and Data GovernanceJoin us for a FREE 1 hour webinar where we will review how statistical controls, machine learning and other analytical approaches can validate data and enforce governance in smarter ways, thus allowing for a more proactive approach to trusting and understanding data across the enterprise. We will also provide a demonstration of how this can be achieved quickly to achieve quick wins.
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commercializing or sharing their data for revenue. Unilog, a global technology company specializing in enterprise e-commerce solutions and product content services in the B2B marketplace, is an example of one company who successfully monetized upstream manufacturing by enriching, cleaning and joining data needed by its customers – using Paxata’s data preparation solution.
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