Data Storytelling With Multiexperiences

Discussion Topics:
- What is a data story
- When and how should data storytelling be used
- Which new skills and techniques do you need to create compelling data stories
- Which experiences can help tell your story beyond dashboards on a 2D screen
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Reducing Costs and Increasing the Value of Data Governance

It’s a real economic jungle out there. Budgets might be getting cut, but you can cut through the jungle with self-service help across your teams. Get help! Daniel Petzold, Senior Product Marketing Manager, will serve as your guide to help you reduce IT workloads and costs for distributed data access and governance—agile, cost-efficient self-service across your teams.
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The Role of Data Governance in a Data Strategy

A Data Strategy is a plan for moving an organization towards a more data-driven culture. A Data Strategy is often viewed as a technical exercise. A modern and comprehensive Data Strategy addresses more than just the data; it is a roadmap that defines people, process, and technology. The people aspect includes governance, the execution and enforcement of authority, and formalization of accountability over the management of the data.
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Gain Context, Insight and Value from Big Content


The Internet of Things, social media and enterprise content all have one thing in common: they generate vast quantities of data — ever-faster. So much so that picking out relevant information and assembling it into meaningful patterns is a tall order. These new data sources also present another challenge. They generate unstructured data - such as text and emojis - that don’t fit neatly into traditional database structures. This data can however hold valuable insights on important and hard-to-quantify concepts such as social sentiment.
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Rare Disease Patient Cohort Identification Using AI/ML Models and Federated EHR-based Real-world Data Infrastructure

As rare diseases are so rare, patients are often misdiagnosed for many years, or never correctly diagnosed. Electronic health records hold much important information that can be used to correctly diagnose and treat these patients, but identification of phenotypic sets is hard to extract from reams of data.
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