Delivering Trusted AI with DataRobot and Microsoft

In order to maximize the value of your data and democratize AI across the organization, citizen data scientists are emerging and implementing machine learning models into business analytics applications such as Microsofts Excel, Power Apps, Power BI, Reporting Services and more.
In this webinar, attendees will learn more about how their organizations can add AI to BI, making more predictive decisions along the way.
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Enterprises can’t prevent a cyberattack, but they can take steps to effectively protect their data when an attack occurs. This white paper features six best practices you need to know about ransomware recovery.


Modernizing Data Architecture With Streaming CDC

Modernising Data Architecture with Streaming CDC Expanding analytics requirements have increased the appetite for massive data volumes. However, these data flows can create bottlenecks, preventing timely and modern analytics innovations such as machine learning. This is where streaming Change Data Capture (CDC) comes in.
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Applying Sensitive Data Intelligence to Multicloud Environments

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, but it comes with significant obligations. The continued growth in data volume, migration to hyperscale multicloud environments and rapidly evolving regulatory environments make it more challenging than ever to efficiently address these obligations. Traditionally organizations have used a variety of siloed tools that were generally not designed for petabytes of data in the cloud. Join Mahood Khan, Global CISO from CNA, along with Rehan Jalil, CEO from Securiti, as they share how CNA has embraced a Unified Data Controls paradigm to efficiently address data security, privacy, governance and compliance requirements with a common platform.
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Ask the Expert: The Foundations of Master Data Management

Rapidly evolving business needs drive unprecedented demand for the benefits of master data management (MDM) across a wider array of data, processes and operating entities. They also drive more questions from data and analytics leaders about what they must do to meet those needs and take full advantage of master data management. Join this complimentary data and analytics webinar as Gartner expert Thornton Craig fields your and your peers’ most-pressing questions about MDM, including about the essentials of MDM, implementation red flags and the importance of data governance.
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Databases vs Hadoop vs Cloud Storage


Relational databases are old technology, right? Thirty years is a long time for a technology foundation to be as active as relational databases, but, like NFL coaches, we must “tolerate them until we can replace them.” Are their replacements here? In this webinar, we say no. Databases have not sat around while Hadoop emerged. The Hadoop era generated a ton of interest and confusion, but is it still relevant as organizations are deploying cloud storage options like a kid in a candy store? We’ll discuss Hadoop’s continued potential relevance and the cloud storage option that seems vital. Use what when? This is a critical decision that can dictate two to five times additional work effort if it’s a bad fit.
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