Most companies know that data science and machine learning can have a profound impact on their business, but they often struggle on where to start and how to augment their existing analytics solutions with advanced analytics. Check out this webinar to learn more about data science and machine learning it is not as hard as you may think to get started; and once you do, you will see immediate business value.
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The Dremio Open Data Lakehouse and Microsoft Deliver a Full-Stack Solution for Analytics

Businesses across industries are inundated with customer and operational data, and data teams are burdened with a growing number of data access requests from technical and non-technical data consumers. As cloud data lakes grow, the challenge for many organizations will be providing access to that data for exploratory BI and interactive analytics. In this webinar, learn how the Dremio Open Data Lakehouse provides direct access to data in Azure Data Lake Storage, and how Power BI and Dremio work together to democratize analytics for a wide range of data consumers.
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Empowering Collaboration Between Data Practitioners and Product Managers

As data practitioners and product managers strive to gain actionable insights with the data at hand, it’s important for both roles to work collaboratively.
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Visualizing Geospatial Data at Scale


Geospatial data is everywhere today. Your mapping capabilities need to handle the growing volumes of “big data” to deliver location-based insights at any level. Large-scale mapping use cases require a scalable and real-time visualization platform that enables self-service analysis. End users need a fast, interactive system that can immediately display any view of their data on demand.
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Combining Data Management with Organizational Change

Global Data Strategy

Data Governance is both a technical and an organizational discipline, and getting Data Governance right requires a combination of Data Management fundamentals aligned with organizational change and stakeholder buy-in. Join Nigel Turner and Donna Burbank as they provide an architecture-based approach to aligning business motivation, organizational change, Metadata Management, Data Architecture and more in a concrete, practical way to achieve success in your organization.
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