Gain Context, Insight and Value from Big Content

The Internet of Things, social media and enterprise content all have one thing in common: they generate vast quantities of data — ever-faster. So much so that picking out relevant information and assembling it into meaningful patterns is a tall order. These new data sources also present another challenge. They generate unstructured data - such as text and emojis - that don’t fit neatly into traditional database structures. This data can however hold valuable insights on important and hard-to-quantify concepts such as social sentiment.
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How Atrium Health Augments Utilization Review with Artificial Intelligence


Tonya Harrison, Director of Clinical Care Management at Atrium Health (formerly Carolinas HealthCare System), discusses how Atrium Health is using artificial intelligence technology and predictive analytics to help review cases, resulting in significant time savings and increased compliance.
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Strategies for Fitting a Data Lake into a Modern Data Architecture

McKnight Consulting Group

Whether to take data ingestion cycles off the ETL tool and the Data Warehouse or to facilitate competitive Data Science and building algorithms in the organization, the Data Lake a place for unmodeled and vast data will be provisioned widely in 2019. Though it doesn’t have to be complicated, the Data Lake has a few key design points that are critical, and it does need to follow some principles for success. Avoid building the Data Swamp, but not the Data Lake! The tool ecosystem is building up around the Data Lake and soon many will have a robust Lake and Data Warehouse. We will discuss policy to keep them straight, send “horses to courses,” and keep up users’ confidence in the Data Platforms.
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Practical tools and techniques for building a brand that is trusted with data

In this ODI Inside Business webinar you’ll discover how you can help your business work towards six critical outcomes that together contribute to developing a brand that is trusted with data.
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The Future of Healthcare and the Transition to Big Data


During this webinar you will: - Boost your Medicare Hospital Compare (MHC) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) ratings Avoid fines and penalties from the Affordable Healthcare Act - Increase the quality of provided healthcare - Lower management, administrative and data center operational costs without compromising core business values - Deliver Products and Services per consumer needs, operating standards and regulations while minimizing cost and maximizing outcomes - Support real-time, event-driven service processes and decision management capabilities
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