Harnessing Natural Language to Deliver Business Results


Effective decision makers blend experience and instinct with supporting data. The strategic alignment of analytical capabilities and clean, usable data makes that possible. Natural language generation (NLG) and search-driven analytics are just a few of the new technologies companies are using to connect their most potent business minds with the right data. In this webinar, we’ll explore how you can leverage NLG to enhance business performance.
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Everyday technplogy makes new things possible and some predict that its just amatter of time until technology completely revolutionarizes healthcare


Data Virtualization: An Introduction


This first session in a series of six ‘Packed Lunch’ webinars provides an overview of Data Virtualization technology, its applications and how it is adding business value to organizations around the world...
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Winning the 3rd Wave of BI


In this webinar, Looker CEO, Frank Bien hosts a panel of BI experts including Cigna, Blue Apron and BuzzFeed, to discuss what he calls the “3rd Wave of BI”, and how you can ride it to win.During the 1st wave of BI everyone had to wait for data and the insights they needed. The introduction of data visualization in the 2nd wave made it easy for anyone to grab data from anywhere and do it themselves. Today’s 3rd Wave of BI creates a common data language for your business, making it easy for anyone to find, explore and do more with data.
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5 Ways to Drive Bottom-line Impact with Behavioral Analytics


Behavioral analytics with big data discovery enables businesses to know their customers on a deeper level. Through a combination of advanced segmentation and event series processing capabilitiesy, Big Data Discovery can enable your business to discover hidden relationships and opportunities buried within customer behavioral data. Join this roundtable discussion with the Bloor Group, Speculist Media and Platfora to learn more.
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Taking the Front Office Beyond Traditional Business Intelligence


The Equities division of one of the nation's largest investment banks, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, uses Alteryx and Tableau to drive a data-driven culture and provide self-sufficiency to its front office personnel.
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