Hot Trends for Cooler BI

Information Builders

Welcome to Information Builders “Summer Shorts” webcast series, 30-minute webcasts that will help you rethink your information strategy in a world transformed by the mega-trends of mobile, social, cloud, advanced analytics, and big data.
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Business leaders are demanding more and more of their BI. They're seeking ways to get data in a more timely manner, in more easily accessible ways, with bette.


5 Ways To Scale BI on Hadoop


At a recent online session Josh Klahr, VP of Product Management at AtScale discussed the top challenges of scaling BI on Hadoop with Nino Bice, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, and Hal Lavendar, AVP and Chief Architect at Cognizant Technologies. Join this session as they discuss the 5 key ways to meet those challenges head-on. They'll cover how to:
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What's the Big Deal About Big Data?

Logixml Inc

There's no doubt that big data is a big deal. Understanding the value that it brings, however, is still a mystery - especially when you don't know what questions your end users will be asking. How well can you manage this flow of unstructured and structured data pouring into your organization every day? From sample use cases to trends to best practices, this session leaves no stone unturned. Get the big picture on big data - and learn how to create, prepare, and manage data so it's ready for analysis.
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Make IoT Pay Off with Big Data Streaming Analytics


In an era of connectivity, the potential to automate, simplify, and improve your life is awe inspiring. Your company’s opportunity is to leverage connectivity with optimized operations and disruptive business models that will leave competitors dazed.Big Data streaming analytics. Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will describe early adoption in telco, insurance, and oil and gas; explain the market drivers and uses cases; and how Big Data streaming analytics is critical to success.
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Social Media Today

If you’re like most marketers, you’re facing a conundrum: sales demands are just as high as ever, but traditional marketing has long lost its momentum. Marketers are scrambling for ways to add value for a potential customer without seeming intrusive or clunky. Luckily, companies that commit to a social presence have mounds of data to help them out, and a particularly important area of data is behavioral analytics. Looking at data that only includes your brand mentions is one thing, but looking at the way your customer behaves online--whether it directly involves your brand or not--can help revamp your lead generation and conversion process. But what kinds of behavioral analytics should you be looking at and exactly how do they lead to insights about your sales cycle? How do you move from numbers to targeted marketing?
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