How Amex's BI Leader Scaled BI for Big Data

This session features Amex's VP of Credit and Operational Risk BI, Bryan Harrison. At Amex, Bryan's BI team does risk and fraud analytics on billions of daily transactions to protect the business and its customers...
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A new era in cyber has begun. Today, machines are fghting machines, and sophisticated attackers and criminal groups are ready to pounce at any opportunity. The battlefeld is a corporate network; the prize is control of the company.


High impact use cases for data virtualization driving business value in the Insurance sector

Customer data, claims data, actuarial data, financial data, risk data…etc. Insurance companies want to become better at leveraging wealth of data for real business insights and actions. However how can you leverage it to gain competitive advantage if this data is locked away in technology silos and cannot be accessed in a timely and consumable fashion when needed...
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Top Technology Trends in BI and Analytics: Maximize Your Chance of Success


Ever-changing customer expectations demand agility and governance in the same breath. Advancements in data discovery and analytics continue to accelerate. But wait! The wave of data analytics centric innovation isn’t even over.Watch this webinar on how top trends in business intelligence (BI) and analytics are evolving to put relevant and timely insights in the hands of more users and decision makers. What actions must be taken to stay ahead and avoid being paralyzed? Visual data discovery and approachable analytics will continue to entice more users Business user-led projects and bottom-up experimentation demands more data governance.• Self-service data preparation is emerging and addresses a high-value problem.
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The Business Impact of Fast Data Analytics


The promise of big data is greater than ever before due to an explosion in the number and variety of data sources. This has caused a shift from traditional structured, and batch or periodic data warehouse environments to today’s more complex combination of structured with semi & unstructured data, along with the requirement to apply analytics in real-time. To determine how best to deliver on the full promise of this opportunity, enterprises today have to sort through an often confusing array of commercial and open source solutions.
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Big Data: Deploying Apache Hadoop with Hortonworks Data Platform on Azure

The emergence of Big Data has driven the need for a new data platform within the enterprise. Apache Hadoop has emerged as the core of that platform and is driving transformative outcomes across every industry…
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