How Investors Can Leverage Big Data and AI for Better ESG and Water Risk Analysis

Alternative data and AI (artificial intelligence) are increasingly being explored by investors as ways to gain ESG and potentially water risk insights. In this Ceres Webinar, speakers Ashby Monk, PhD from Stanford and Steven Fortier and Dr. Toby Messier from Aquantix explore the reality and possible future use of alternative data, natural language processing and AI in developing new approaches to collecting and analyzing E. risks – particularly those related to water.
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How to Use to Solve for Common Data Engineering Use Cases

When evaluating a data catalog, every data engineer wants to know one thing: “What’s in it for me?” In this live demo, Mo Dodge answers that question and highlights several high-value use cases solves for:
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3 Critical Skills for Every Accidental MariaDB & MySQL DBA

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this session is for you! There’s never been a more challenging, yet more exciting time to be a MySQL or MariaDB database administrator.
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Everything Data Scientists Should Know About Organizing Data Lakes

The recent GDPR regulations have changed the way companies handle the data they collect and store, making it imperative for data scientists to explore innovative ways to crunch and catalog data while ensuring that the company adheres to these new rulings that seek to establish complete data security.Join Big Data Expert Ronald Van Loon, and Simplilearns Chief Product Officer Anand Narayanan in a live video chat to understand.
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Data Storytelling With Multiexperiences


Discussion Topics: - What is a data story - When and how should data storytelling be used - Which new skills and techniques do you need to create compelling data stories - Which experiences can help tell your story beyond dashboards on a 2D screen
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