Keys to Effective Data Visualization

Data visualization is central to big data analytics because the volumes of data involved are beyond the scale that can be effectively manually reviewed by humans. Data visualization provides techniques for quickly viewing, understanding, and identifying patterns in big data that can’t otherwise be reasonably absorbed by humans through detail inspection. Join our discussion and get insights on: Best practices in effective big data visualization. Transformations necessary to enable effective visualization. Visualizing patterns. Data discovery versus descriptive analytics visualization.
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Augmenting BI and Analytics in the Age of AI and Big Data

Arcadia Data

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies are driving major changes in how organizations think about business intelligence and analytics. Rather than be limited to querying and reporting on just what is in traditional BI systems or data warehouses, many business users and analysts want to tap a fuller range of data in systems running Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, or on cloud data platforms and storage. At the same time, AI practices and technologies (in particular machine learning and natural language processing) are changing how users explore, analyze, and interact with data and the types of insights they can generate.
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How does AXA Belgium Replicate its operational data into its Data Lake?

To preview your data, you must first have access to it. This operation can be difficult when distributed into different systems and silos which is why many companies choose to bring them together in a Data Lake. However, without governance or stewardship, these data lakes are rapidly turning into swamps, veritable brakes on innovation.
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Building Next-Gen Data Pipelines with Databricks Delta


Building performant ETL pipelines to address analytics requirements is hard as data volumes and variety grow at an explosive pace. With existing technologies, data engineers are challenged to deliver data pipelines to support the real-time insight business owners demand from their analytics. Databricks Delta is the next generation of evolution in big data processing from Databricks, the company founded by the original creators of Apache Spark.
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Applying Sensitive Data Intelligence to Multicloud Environments

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, but it comes with significant obligations. The continued growth in data volume, migration to hyperscale multicloud environments and rapidly evolving regulatory environments make it more challenging than ever to efficiently address these obligations. Traditionally organizations have used a variety of siloed tools that were generally not designed for petabytes of data in the cloud. Join Mahood Khan, Global CISO from CNA, along with Rehan Jalil, CEO from Securiti, as they share how CNA has embraced a Unified Data Controls paradigm to efficiently address data security, privacy, governance and compliance requirements with a common platform.
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