As more data is imported into Hadoop Data Lakes, how can we best secure sensitive data? What security options are available and what kind of best practices should be implemented? Join Vincent Lam of Protegrity and Syed Mahmood of Hortonworks as they jointly discuss securing HDP data lakes to leverage security in Hadoop without sacrificing usability.
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Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is changing the world with the help of Ayasdi. By finding subtle patterns within data 10x to 20x faster than previous technologies, BI can now get drugs to market faster without missing important details within their data.


Power Business Intelligence (BI) for Office 365

WinWire Technologies

Power BI for Office 365 provides an easy way for organizations to start doing self-service business intelligence. Power BI brings together public and corporate catalog of data sets and BI models. It is being hailed as a modern app, a way to search for data, and a Web-first experience. It’s loaded with rich interactive visualizations, collaboration capabilities, tools for IT to govern data and models, and a groundbreaking natural language experience for exploring insights. Power BI brings together many such key aspects of modernization of business intelligence while bringing data insights to a billion people.
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Is The Business Intelligence (BI) Market Finally Maturing? Forrester's Three Big BI Market Predictions


Is the BI market finally maturing? It depends. The buy-side market is nowhere near maturity and will continue to be a greenfield opportunity for many BI vendors. Our research still shows that homegrown shadow IT BI applications based on spreadsheets and desktop databases dominate the enterprises.
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Big Data Blueprint: A Modern Data Architecture for BI on Hadoop at Macy's


With ever growing amount of information are stored, the ability to gain insights becomes business critical. Watch this webinar to hear Macy's share their story on modernizing data architecture to enable business intelligence on Hadoop. We'll cover the critical questions and answers that BI and data infrastructure leaders will need to consider
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Managing Big Data in the Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform

Zaloni, Inc.

In this webinar, Adam Diaz, Director of Field Engineering at Zaloni, will demonstrate how the Bedrock platform can run as a data federation layer that makes it easy to organize and manage data, regardless of volume, across your enterprise data architecture.Data Federation describes any approach to data management that allows an application to retrieve and manipulate data because it understands the metadata associated. To do this and obtain business value, an enterprise­-grade data lake management and governance platform like Bedrock is required. The use of data across multiple clusters, databases and streams of data is enabled via Bedrock workflows.
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