You’ve heard the buzz about big data—that ever-expanding universe of digital influencers and social media conversations—and its huge potential for brands and communicators.Watch the on-demand webinar with Cision’s Heidi Sullivan and Dave Lundstrom to explore big data’s basics and how to leverage it to positively impact your brand.
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More Data Mining with Weka: online course from the University of Waikato…




You must be living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the momentum organisations are having across the enterprise with Big Data and Hadoop. Within the last few years there has been a fundamental shift in the way Hadoop is being used. From a specialist application to now serving multiple business units through a “data Lake”, organisations are now challenged with ensuring the journey to a data lake is secure.
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How to Monitor & Manage Big Data Pipelines with Azure Data Factory


Big data pipelines can span many cloud and on-premises storage and compute resources and have many complex scheduling dependencies. It can be hard to monitor and troubleshoot all of the different activities you may have running with Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL DW, HDInsight and other services. In this webinar, see the brand new Azure Data Factory application. Learn how to deploy, monitor and manage complex data pipelines with one simple interface and consistently deliver refined data to feed your BI and other analytics tools.
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How to Handle NoSQL with a Relational Database


It can be difficult to scale out relational databases and provide more schema flexibility, thus the rise of NoSQL. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice data integrity and transactions in order to scale out on commodity hardware and support semi-structured data. By using an RDBMS with built-in sharding and JSON support, you don’t have to. You get the scalability and flexibility of a NoSQL database along with the consistency and reliability of a relational database – and the ability to mix and match relational and JSON data. In this webinar, we’ll explain how MariaDB Platform can be deployed as a NoSQL database by using the Spider storage engine and built-in SQL functions for JSON. In addition, we’ll discuss how you can access relational data as JSON documents, and how to enforce data integrity if a relational data model is extended with JSON
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Give Your Enterprise a Spark: How to Deploy Hadoop with Spark in Production

Appfluent Technology

How are leading enterprises deploying Hadoop with Spark in production? What key considerations should you consider in order to put your Spark-based innovative app to work faster?In this webinar replay, you'll hear real-life examples of companies turning data into action using Spark and Hadoop.
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