NoSQL Convergence: Why high-traffic applications must focus on key-value storage


A can’t miss learning opportunity for CTOs, VPs of Engineering, senior developers, database architects and anyone scaling distributed systems that demand high throughput and sub-millisecond latencies for read/write transactions against terabytes of data – with 100% uptime.
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Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data unlocks the value of data by quickly and seamlessly integrating new insights into every aspect of production, across all departments, available to all employees in languages they can understand.


Powerful, Flexible and Accessible Code-free Data Science

Data Science Central

As the demand for data science expertise grows, so does the need for tools that deliver flexibility, speed, and ease of use. Organizations need solutions that can access several data types such as Big Data; offer a vast library of algorithms, including the most popular open source methods; and are accessible to expert coders and non-coders alike. Join us for this latest Data Science Central Webinar to learn more about the newest IBM SPSS Modeler capabilities, such as: Python algorithms for non-coders to provide greater analytical power and flexibility. Seamless integration with IBM Decision Optimization to help you determine the best scenarios for your business and budget

Winning the 3rd Wave of BI


In this webinar, Looker CEO, Frank Bien hosts a panel of BI experts including Cigna, Blue Apron and BuzzFeed, to discuss what he calls the “3rd Wave of BI”, and how you can ride it to win.During the 1st wave of BI everyone had to wait for data and the insights they needed. The introduction of data visualization in the 2nd wave made it easy for anyone to grab data from anywhere and do it themselves. Today’s 3rd Wave of BI creates a common data language for your business, making it easy for anyone to find, explore and do more with data.

Big-Data-as-a-Service: On-Demand Elastic Infrastructure for Hadoop and Spark

Enterprises have been using both Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies for years. Until recently, the two have not been combined.

Modernize Your Data Architecture to Deliver Oracle as a Service

The migration to cloud-based data architectures continues at a rapid pace, including databases and data management. Oracle databases are part of this trend, and during this webinar you will learn how to automate the provisioning and management of Oracle databases so that you can deliver an “as-a-service” experience with 1-click simplicity. Experts will walk you through the process of