Oracle Autonomous Database - Keep Data More Secured, Eliminate Costly Data Breaches

Data, the life blood of today's economy, is an attractive target for cyber attackers. Learn how a self-securing database provides security and peace of mind without relying on manual, error-prone processes allowing you to focus on innovation and not damage control.
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Data Analytics and Insights: Fueling a Better Future for HigherEd

We live in a data-driven world. If higher education institutions don’t take steps to derive actionable insights from their data, they will miss out on opportunities to identify problems and enact positive change that will fuel the future of HigherEd. Join this webinar to learn how having access to the right analytics – and deriving actionable insights from that data – can benefit every area of your institution and help your team tackle the challenges facing HigherEd today.
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Transform Retail with IBM Big Data Solutions


New technologies have permanently transformed how customers communicate, interact, research and shop for goods and services. Retail data paired with retail analytics, can assist retailers in understanding and responding with actionable retail insights to the disrupted landscape and changing customer expectations.
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Reducing Costs and Increasing the Value of Data Governance

It’s a real economic jungle out there. Budgets might be getting cut, but you can cut through the jungle with self-service help across your teams. Get help! Daniel Petzold, Senior Product Marketing Manager, will serve as your guide to help you reduce IT workloads and costs for distributed data access and governance—agile, cost-efficient self-service across your teams.
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Why the Solution to Data Democratization Is in the Stars

Data democratization is tough for even the most established enterprises. Now imagine how difficult it is for an organization working to eliminate the connectivity and data access barriers that hold economies and communities back.
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