Powering Your Business with Big Data and Business Analytics

Big Data is big news, but what does it mean for you? With Microsoft, anyone can use Big Data to inspire innovation, accelerate decision making, and learn from and share insights—no supercomputers or PhDs required. Join us for this hour-long Big Data & Business Analytics webinar where we’ll discuss how to gain real business advantage with data across marketing, finance, sales, HR, and more. Get the insights you need to compete to innovate, streamline operations, and tap into new markets.
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Automate data archiving with StorageGRID data management policies and AWS to store objects cost effectively.


appFigures Power BI Content Pack Webinar

appFigures allows you to track your apps across multiple platforms and across a wide range of metrics. As a user of the appFigures platform, you now have the ability to visually analyze your critical application data and derive insights out of the box using Microsoft Power BI, a cloud-based visual analytics solution. Power BI content packs make it easier for you to get dashboards and reports for your application data in minutes. You can easily mash-up your appFigures content pack with content packs for other popular applications for a more holistic view of your business. In this webinar we would like to take you through the journey of how to use the Power BI content pack most effectively for your app and personalize your experience.
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The Many Faces of Metadata Management


Few things bring down the value of data faster than confusion and uncertainty about what it is, where it came from, and whether it is good quality data. Yet as more users seek to access and interact with data and reports for business intelligence and analytics and as data sources become larger and more varied, confusion and uncertainty spread fast. Executives, managers, regulatory administrators, and other key personnel cannot rely on their reports, KPIs, and dashboards. Users cannot even find reports that the organization is producing. Instead, users spend more of their time trying to locate data and reports and correcting mistakes than they do applying data insights to solve business problems.
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The Future of Healthcare and the Transition to Big Data


During this webinar you will: - Boost your Medicare Hospital Compare (MHC) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) ratings Avoid fines and penalties from the Affordable Healthcare Act - Increase the quality of provided healthcare - Lower management, administrative and data center operational costs without compromising core business values - Deliver Products and Services per consumer needs, operating standards and regulations while minimizing cost and maximizing outcomes - Support real-time, event-driven service processes and decision management capabilities
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Gain Context, Insight and Value from Big Content


The Internet of Things, social media and enterprise content all have one thing in common: they generate vast quantities of data — ever-faster. So much so that picking out relevant information and assembling it into meaningful patterns is a tall order. These new data sources also present another challenge. They generate unstructured data - such as text and emojis - that don’t fit neatly into traditional database structures. This data can however hold valuable insights on important and hard-to-quantify concepts such as social sentiment.
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