Rapid Response Analytics Accelerates Analytics ROI

Rapid Response Analytics (RRA), an application suite that consists of two elements: curated, modular data kits called DOS™ Marts and Population Builder, a powerful self-service tool that lets any type of user, from physician executive to frontline nurses and population health teams explore their data and quickly build populations without needing to know how to write SQL and data science code. RRA increases an analytics team’s productivity by up to 10x and reduces its time to develop analytics by as much as 90 percent. Analysts can spend more time focusing on key strategic analysis and less time on repetitive tasks that can lead to inconsistent results and a backlog of requests. Learning Objectives: Discover how RRA is like a meal delivery kit that allows you to take components and customize them to quickly tailor and deliver meaningful insights.
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Accelerating Machine Learning on Databricks


Learn how you can combine CARTO and Python for spatial data science from the comfort of your own Jupyter notebook. In this technical webinar, Andy Eschbacher (Data Scientist at CARTO) and Joe Pringle (VP - North America at CARTO) show how to apply CARTOframes and CARTO's Python SDK to build powerful end-to-end spatial data science workflows. This webinar specifically focus on two areas: Using CARTO in a Jupyter notebook. Demo examples of custom data science web applications built with CARTOframes and CARTO VL.
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The Modern Toolkit for Process Excellence


See in action, using a real-world use case from manufacturing, the latest toolkit for Process Excellence, powerful analytics and machine learning.How to use the Minitab toolkit to manage projects and analyse data following the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC structured approach.Discover how to power and digitalise your improvement projects and data analysis with best practice methods combined with intuitive tools.Explore how to solve problems and suggest innovations with whatever data you currently have available.Includes helpful examples of the capabilities and uses for Minitab Statistical Software, Companion by Minitab for project execution and tracking Continuous Improvement, and Salford Predictive Modeler Software for predictive analytics and machine learning.
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Why BI Programs Fail to Scale: The Data Decision Gap

The global investment in digital transformation estimated to exceed $10 trillion over the next five years. Despite the tremendous resources going towards this cause, studies show that up to 70% of these initiatives will not achieve their stated goal. What does it take to win?
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AI, Data & Analytics 2021 Annual Spend & Trends Report Debrief

Join ADA and the Digital Analytics Association as we discuss the trends, challenges and innovations that are shaping the future of enterprise data science.
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