SAP & CDQ Master Data Governance: One-Click onboarding of business partners using external data.

SAP & CDQ Master Data Governance
SAP and CDQ have joined forces to deliver a solution for efficient, accurate and quick business partner creation. Forget all the manual googling and document mining to get automated, reliable data. In this webinar, you get an opportunity to learn how this new standard of integrating external data into the SAP Master Data Governance can improve productivity and data quality for your organization.
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Accelerate Decision Making with Real-Time Analytics on AWS

Amazon Web Services, Inc

The number of sources generating continuous, streaming data has exploded in recent years. From website clickstream data to telemetry data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the variety, volume, and velocity of data continues to increase. In response, businesses are evolving their analytics approach from batch to real time, and turning to new tools to deliver actionable insights in seconds instead of hours or days. With AWS, you can easily and cost-effectively collect, process, and analyze real-time streaming data at any scale, so you can learn what your applications and customers are doing right now—and respond immediately.
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A Review of the Top Game Changing Data Trends for 2018


During this interview-style webcast Infogix’s Emily Washington, SVP of Product Management looked ahead in 2018 and predicted what trends will come to fruition, what new concepts will graze the horizon, and what may fail to launch.
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Delivering AI/ML and BI into New Digital Transformation Use Cases

Staying competitive in today’s economy requires that organizations derive intelligent insights from data and make their processes automated, intelligent, adaptive, and self-optimizing. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) play a central role in business transformation.
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Data Privacy in Analytics

Data Protection and Privacy Compliance are becoming more ubiquitous and gaining in importance. In recent years, legislation has reacted by introducing e.g. the GDPR, the UK Data Protection Law or the California Consumer Privacy Act and associated regulations (“CCPA”). European Regulators especially have been clear that they take data privacy of their citizens very seriously, as shown in the January 2022 ruling of the Austrian courts against a website that was using Google Analytics.
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