Scalable Data Science with R


R is the fastest growing advanced analytics language with a vibrant community of data scientists, analysts, and researchers numbering in the millions who contribute thousands of packages to open source. But the data and processing limitations associated with R are real challenges. As real-world data grows exponentially, analysts find themselves wrestling with billions of records to analyze complex relationships to tackle new business problems.
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As the US government and European governments once again grapple with the challenges of reinforcing and expanding the transatlantic economic relationship, traditional negotiations over trade or tax policy may soon be upstaged by a far thornier and more important issue: how to regulate the storage, protection and analysis of data.


Applying Big Data to Human Capital Analytics


Big data is here. Data analysts are leveraging big data to help businesses better understand their customers, markets and operations. HR can learn and leverage some of these techniques to better understand how to attract and retain talent, engage employees, enhance managerial effectiveness and drive business performance. We will provide an overview of big data, how it is being used in the consumer world and discuss applications for the human capital world. We will also provide best practices for getting started with analytics for HR.

The Missing Link in Data Governance


Key topics discussed during the webinar: *Data in Motion pitfalls and opportunities *Validating data doesn’t equate to slowing down your process *Comparing and contrasting approaches *The missing link in data governance explained

Big Data Processing for Quality Measurement and Reporting


Healthcare data is consistently increasing, quality measurement guidelines are evolving and reporting deadlines continue to accelerate. For these reasons, healthcare organizations need a comprehensive solution flexible enough to meet reporting requirements of CMS, NCQA, URAC, and state regulatory agencies, while leveraging big data processing to address complexities and performance measurement.Inovalon’s Big Data Processing for Quality Measurement and Reporting webinar offers recommendation to better:

Building Next-Gen Data Pipelines with Databricks Delta


Building performant ETL pipelines to address analytics requirements is hard as data volumes and variety grow at an explosive pace. With existing technologies, data engineers are challenged to deliver data pipelines to support the real-time insight business owners demand from their analytics. Databricks Delta is the next generation of evolution in big data processing from Databricks, the company founded by the original creators of Apache Spark.