The Building Blocks of Data Science


Join us for this 5-part webinar series solving real data science questions using Spotfire and TERR. We’ll walk you through the concepts and then give live examples using the techniques. All webinars will be recorded, so bookmark this page to return for the on-demand content. Register today.
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Significant changes in healthcare have forever altered how the industry operates, but these changes bring exciting opportunities for innovation. Learn how business intelligence (BI) can help you navigate the new healthcare landscape


Systems of Insight - The Next Generation of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business intelligence has gone through multiple iterations in the past few decades. While BI's evolution has addressed some of the technology and process shortcomings of the earlier management information systems, BI teams still have a ways to go.From the laggards failing to transform enough of their structured and data into information and business insights, to the old guard of spreadsheet-based applications for key business decisions, companies have hit a rut. How do we solve this? With Systems of Insight.
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Secrets of predictive analytics

A recent study indicates that big data and business analytics will grow from nearly $122 billion in 2015 to more than $187 billion in 2019. That’s a 50 percent increase over the five-year forecast period. The bottom line is everyone wants data on everything all the time, but collecting and analyzing this data isn't effective unless done correctly.
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BI Is Going Virtual – Is Your Organization Ready?


You want to expand the use of analytics across the enterprise – but using legacy, on-premises BI solutions requires physical replication of BI infrastructure.
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Productizing Big Data to create business value

Watch the on-demand webinar: “Productizing Big Data to create business value “ where Bill Schmarzo, the "Dean of Big Data" will address how big data drives business disruption and disintermediation, and how organizations can leverage big data to drive value...
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