The Missing Link in Data Governance


Key topics discussed during the webinar:
*Data in Motion pitfalls and opportunities
*Validating data doesn’t equate to slowing down your process
*Comparing and contrasting approaches
*The missing link in data governance explained
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Learn about smarter big data integration at the opening talk of the Hadoop Users Group UK meetup


Harnessing Big Data in Healthcare


The evolution of sensors, smart phones, medical devices, and wearables all collecting and uploading information in real-time has led to the rapid accumulation of health-related data, or Big Data. The sheer volume, velocity, and variety of the data being collected poses challenges for harnessing and ensuring its validity to benefit both the macro, population-level health and the micro, evidence-based precision medicine. Join Dr. Eric Louie, Chief Medical Officer, and Jessica Baker, Associate, as they discuss changes in healthcare data over time and how to overcome human biases, curate meaningful data sets, and better inform actionable decisions in the healthcare setting.
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The Future of Healthcare and the Transition to Big Data


During this webinar you will: - Boost your Medicare Hospital Compare (MHC) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) ratings Avoid fines and penalties from the Affordable Healthcare Act - Increase the quality of provided healthcare - Lower management, administrative and data center operational costs without compromising core business values - Deliver Products and Services per consumer needs, operating standards and regulations while minimizing cost and maximizing outcomes - Support real-time, event-driven service processes and decision management capabilities
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Top Trends in Modern Data Architecture for 2019


From AI and machine learning to data discovery and real-time analytics, a strong data architecture strategy is critical to supporting your organization's data-driven goals. Greater speed, flexibility, and scalability are common wish-list items, alongside smarter data governance and security capabilities. Many new technologies and approaches have come to the forefront of data architecture discussions, including data lakes, in-memory databases and engines like Spark and cloud services of all shapes and sizes.
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A Review of the Top Game Changing Data Trends for 2018


During this interview-style webcast Infogix’s Emily Washington, SVP of Product Management looked ahead in 2018 and predicted what trends will come to fruition, what new concepts will graze the horizon, and what may fail to launch.
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