The Software-Defined Data Center: A Foundation for Digital Transformation

As reported in Forbes last year, 73% of companies are planning to move to a fully software-defined data center within two years. A software-defined data center is based on a virtualized environment of compute, storage, networking and security in conjunction with policy-based management and automation. The evolution from a traditional data center architecture to one that is software-defined can take months if not years but can yield immense benefits for the business. Join us for a discussion on the progress toward the fully software-defined data center, including benefits of infrastructure as code and overcoming challenges associated with traditional workflows.
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Data Analytics and Insights: Fueling a Better Future for HigherEd

We live in a data-driven world. If higher education institutions don’t take steps to derive actionable insights from their data, they will miss out on opportunities to identify problems and enact positive change that will fuel the future of HigherEd. Join this webinar to learn how having access to the right analytics – and deriving actionable insights from that data – can benefit every area of your institution and help your team tackle the challenges facing HigherEd today.
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Code-First Data Science: Power Your DataRobot Projects Using Cloud-Hosted Notebooks

For ‘code-first’ data scientists notebooks are an essential part of your toolkit, but they have serious limitations when they’re run locally on laptops. In this informative session we will outline how DataRobot’s latest acquisition, Zepl, brings the power of self-service and cloud-hosted notebooks to you and your team.
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Under The Hood Of A Shard-Per-Core Database Architecture

Most databases are based on architectures that pre-date advances to modern hardware. This results in performance issues, the need to overprovision, and a high total cost of ownership. In this webinar, we will discuss the advances to modern server technology and take a deep dive into ScyllaDB’s shard-per-core architecture and our asynchronous engine, the Seastar framework.
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2023 data and analytics trends and predictions

The world of data and analytics is evolving faster than ever before. Those that stay ahead of this change will be able to navigate the challenging economy and dominate the decade of data. Data is driving tectonic shifts across our personal and professional lives, creating new opportunities for organizations - and new challenges. But which trends are truly transformative and which will fail to live up to the hype?
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