These Trends Will Shape BI in 2019

Join us for this on-demand with Looker where we explore the top Business Intelligence trends for 2019. In this 50-minute webinar, you will learn about the issues affecting BI, the role of analytics as a critical success factor for organizational success, and how companies are leveraging BI and analytics for high-value insights.
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Build Or Buy? Observability Data Pipelines 101

Getting insights from observability data such as logs and metrics is essential for managing cloud services reliably. However, managing massive observability data volumes can be expensive and complex. Luckily observability data pipelines can help IT handle large data volumes and reduce costs by processing, routing, and filtering data across teams, tools, and storage options. Should you build your own or buy?
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A Matter of Urgency: Using Data and AI to Drive Acquisition and Engagement

Fewer patients, preventative screenings, and primary care visits. Lower revenues. Worsening population health outcomes. The healthcare industry is facing serious challenges to its business model as consumer behavior shifts to other ways to meet their healthcare needs or a complete failure to seek care until conditions become acute. The need to meet consumers where they are and engage with them on their terms has never been more urgent.
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Streaming Data: The Nexus of Cloud-Modernized Analytics

Leveraging business data as a valuable asset is no longer a debated concept – it’s a broadly adopted, competitive undertaking that’s part and parcel to cloud modernization. Today, if there’s one thing that defines competitive advantage in the data analytics arena it’s streaming data platforms. Older approaches employing batch-only analytics, brittle ETL pipelines, and the latency they can introduce just don’t cut it anymore. Cloud-Modernized Analytics are poised to step in and take over.
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Data & Analytics Leadership and Vision for 2019


- Establish a trusted foundation of data management - Increase the data literacy of all roles in the enterprise - Scale data and analytics capabilities for the complexity of modern digital business
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