Using Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics to Power Smarter Healthcare

The healthcare market is trending to reach an expenditure upwards of $32 billion by 2022. Big Data continues to be at the forefront in compelling the industry forward. Join Bill Balderaz and Philip Payne during this 30-minute webinar to understand how Big Data is transforming the healthcare landscape: reducing medication errors, decreased hospital costs and wait times, improving services, and increasing patient privacy. Balderaz and Payne will also discuss how Big Data is predicting opioid usage and preventing hospital readmissions.
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Transforming the Database: Critical Innovations for Performance at Scale

Your team is serious about ensuring database performance at scale. But legacy NoSQL technology could be eroding the impact of your achievements. Following best practices for efficient data modeling, query optimization and observability is fundamental. But their power can be limited – or enhanced – by specific database capabilities. Often-overlooked database innovations can serve as a force multiplier, paving a much smoother path to speed at scale (e.g., millions of read/write operations and millisecond P99 response).
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Fixing OSA Issues by Leveraging Big Data Analytics

Generating incremental sales is always a priority for CPG companies. Over the past twelve months, there have been significant structural changes in the industry forcing CPG’s companies to reconsider their sales strategies to drive growth. Ultimately, the industry needs to respond to changing shopper behaviour and to redeploy resources to ensure on-shelf availability in retail is strengthened.
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How to successfully automate your Snowflake Data Cloud

Everyone is looking to be more agile as they move to the cloud, but there has never been more data than there is now and data is growing exponentially everyday. Data is also more shared and distributed than ever across an increasingly complex technology landscape.
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Data Storytelling With Multiexperiences


Discussion Topics: - What is a data story - When and how should data storytelling be used - Which new skills and techniques do you need to create compelling data stories - Which experiences can help tell your story beyond dashboards on a 2D screen
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