Using DataOps for Data Pipeline Engineering Quality

Data pipelines facilitate information flows and data exchange for a growing number of operational scenarios, including data extraction, transformation, and loading ETL into data warehouses and data marts, data migrations, production of BI reports, and application interoperability. When data engineers develop data pipelines, they may devise a collection of tests to guide the development process, but ongoing tests are not often put in place once those pipelines are put into production.
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Code-First Data Science: Power Your DataRobot Projects Using Cloud-Hosted Notebooks

For ‘code-first’ data scientists notebooks are an essential part of your toolkit, but they have serious limitations when they’re run locally on laptops. In this informative session we will outline how DataRobot’s latest acquisition, Zepl, brings the power of self-service and cloud-hosted notebooks to you and your team.
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Data and Analytics Trends for 2019 and Beyond: A Panel Discussion


Discussion Topics: - How effective are your current data and analytics initiatives - What trends will most impact how you utilize data and analytics in 2019 and beyond - What must you do to maximize data and analytics in your organization
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Make Big Data Work in the Cloud

Watch Matt Aslett from 451 Research and in this 45 minute educational webinar on how to make big data work in the cloud.As companies shift their Big Data to the cloud and hybrid environments, the need for Big Data analytics and a corresponding long-term analytics strategy has become increasingly critical. Heres your opportunity to listen to experienced Big Data practitioners articulate their best practices in building successful, long term analytics architectures.
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Common Mistakes to avoid when implementing your Data Governance Program

Are you planning to implement a data governance program? What are the things that practitioners often overlook or underestimate, and what are the most common mistakes they make? Join us to hear from Katherine Fraser, CEO of 1 to learn more about the key components of a successful data governance program, common mistakes made and to avoid when implementing a data governance program, and tips for maintaining a successful data governance program.
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