Visualizing Asset Protection in a Big Data World

Data breaches are in the news nearly every day as companies struggle to protect their customers’ greatest assets  their personal information. From the theft of credit card information and personal health records to critical business information leakage; the threats are constant. Certainly, firewalls and endpoint protection are critical and necessary, but what about data controls and analytics? In this one hour webinar you will hear the latest on how companies are leveraging end-to-end controls, monitoring an analytics solutions to meet information privacy and security compliance standards. Even better, you will hear directly from Kemper, a leading insurer with $8B in assets, and learn how they are approaching information security risk management.
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Data-driven control: Access Management as a Facilitator of Business Value

There’s a pervasive perception held by many organizations that data governance or effective access management for data somehow reduces the ability to leverage and derive insight from information. This could not be further from the truth. Full control of data is necessary for both data protection and data leverage. In this webina
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How Investors Can Leverage Big Data and AI for Better ESG and Water Risk Analysis

Ceres Channel

Alternative data and AI (artificial intelligence) are increasingly being explored by investors as ways to gain ESG and potentially water risk insights. In this Ceres Webinar, speakers Ashby Monk, PhD from Stanford and Steven Fortier and Dr. Toby Messier from Aquantix explore the reality and possible future use of alternative data, natural language processing and AI in developing new approaches to collecting and analyzing E. risks – particularly those related to water.
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Predictive Analytics vs. Data Science: Why We Built One and Not the Other

In this webinar, Heap’s head of Data Science, David Robinson, will talk about why we took a data-science-led approach to insights that starts with the questions teams actually care about. He’ll also talk about how a combined quantitative + qualitative platform gives teams the predictive information they need and the context that makes that information actionable.
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Cloud Data Management

Cloud data management CDM is simply data management that involves clouds. For example, when focused on data persistence, CDM provides cloud-native data storage and optimized processing for the burgeoning volumes of enterprise data, big data, and data from new sources that users are choosing to manage and use on clouds. When focused on integration, CDM provides data integration infrastructure (with related functions for quality and semantics) to unify multicloud and hybrid on-premises/cloud environments.
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