What is Anomaly Detection and its Role in Preventative Analytics

Equipment downtime is a multi-billion-dollar problem which will only continue to grow with exploding sensor data. According to IDC, by 2018 a third of industrial companies will be disrupted by “Industrial IoT enabled competitors.” So how can companies monetize their IoT investments for higher operational efficiencies and productivity? Anomaly Detection and Prediction is the silver bullet that companies need to maximize their machine uptime and performance. Watch the on-demand webinar featuring the Dean of Big Data, Bill Schmarzo, Chief Technology Officer, Big Data at Dell EMC and Seth Page, General Manager and Head of Partnerships at Progress DataRPM, to learn how zero factory downtime can be a reality.
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Rapid Response Analytics Accelerates Analytics ROI

Health Catalyst Inc

Rapid Response Analytics (RRA), an application suite that consists of two elements: curated, modular data kits called DOS™ Marts and Population Builder, a powerful self-service tool that lets any type of user, from physician executive to frontline nurses and population health teams explore their data and quickly build populations without needing to know how to write SQL and data science code. RRA increases an analytics team’s productivity by up to 10x and reduces its time to develop analytics by as much as 90 percent. Analysts can spend more time focusing on key strategic analysis and less time on repetitive tasks that can lead to inconsistent results and a backlog of requests. Learning Objectives: Discover how RRA is like a meal delivery kit that allows you to take components and customize them to quickly tailor and deliver meaningful insights.
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Using MySQL for Distributed Database Architectures


In modern data architectures, we’re increasingly moving from single node design systems to distributed architectures using multiple nodes often spread across multiple databases and multiple continents. Such architectures bring many benefits (such as scalability and resiliency), but can also bring a lot of pain if incorrectly architected.
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Visualizing Asset Protection in a Big Data World


Data breaches are in the news nearly every day as companies struggle to protect their customers’ greatest assets their personal information. From the theft of credit card information and personal health records to critical business information leakage; the threats are constant. Certainly, firewalls and endpoint protection are critical and necessary, but what about data controls and analytics? In this one hour webinar you will hear the latest on how companies are leveraging end-to-end controls, monitoring an analytics solutions to meet information privacy and security compliance standards. Even better, you will hear directly from Kemper, a leading insurer with $8B in assets, and learn how they are approaching information security risk management.
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How to Gain a Crisis Advantage with Real-Time Information

To reduce the impact of an unfolding crisis, companies need a clear, accurate and early line of sight into emerging risks. Leaders can then act with confidence and seize opportunities to preserve brand reputation while driving operational excellence. To demonstrate how real-time information can help companies gain advanced warn
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