What is the GDPR and how will it affect the way you handle data?

GDPR affects companies in the United States and Canada. Failure to comply with the GDPR could result in fines of up to $20 million or higher.
Join us to learn:
- What is the GDPR and severe consequences of non-compliance
- What are the eight main GDPR requirements
- How ready is your company and what you can do now
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Winning Market Expansion Strategies for CPG brands, Using Spatial Data and Analytics

CPG brands are navigating an ever-changing landscape where consumer habits are evolving and new digital players have been quick to adopt direct-to-consumer approaches. For CPG companies to innovate and thrive, they need to enhance their first-party spatial understanding of consumers and use these valuable insights to drive impactful market expansion decisions.
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Common Mistakes to avoid when implementing your Data Governance Program

Are you planning to implement a data governance program? What are the things that practitioners often overlook or underestimate, and what are the most common mistakes they make? Join us to hear from Katherine Fraser, CEO of 1 to learn more about the key components of a successful data governance program, common mistakes made and to avoid when implementing a data governance program, and tips for maintaining a successful data governance program.
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The Dremio Open Data Lakehouse and Microsoft Deliver a Full-Stack Solution for Analytics

Businesses across industries are inundated with customer and operational data, and data teams are burdened with a growing number of data access requests from technical and non-technical data consumers. As cloud data lakes grow, the challenge for many organizations will be providing access to that data for exploratory BI and interactive analytics. In this webinar, learn how the Dremio Open Data Lakehouse provides direct access to data in Azure Data Lake Storage, and how Power BI and Dremio work together to democratize analytics for a wide range of data consumers.
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Introduction to SQL Server 2019

Argon Systems

Modern enterprises are struggling to gain insights from an exploding number of database management systems and ever-growing data volumes. SQL Server 2019 can help you overcome the challenges of integrating data and bring AI and machine learning to all of your data, structured and unstructured. It can also help you better manage your relational data right now. In this webinar, Introduction to SQL Server 2019, hear from Debbi Lyons, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Travis Wright, Principal Program Manager, and Bob Ward, Principal Architect at Microsoft discuss the latest updates and features for the new SQL Server release, including introducing the new big data cluster with intelligence over any data, how SQL Server 2019 enhances the developer experience, and using tools including Azure Data Studio.
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