Why IBM for Sales Performance Management?

Improve sales performance and operational efficiencies with better management of incentive compensation plans and smarter administration of sales territories and quotas. Get faster insights with advanced analytics.
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Modern Data Analytics in the Cloud: Achieving an End-to-End Strategy


Businesses today need fast, scalable, and agile data and analytics, and cloud-based solutions are proving critical to satisfying these requirements. They enable organizations to rapidly and easily spin up systems and services for collecting, managing, and analyzing data. More important, cloud-based solutions deliver value from “data gravity”the surging volumes of new data created in the cloud by social media, the IoT, multichannel customer behavior, and other activity.
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Why the Solution to Data Democratization Is in the Stars

Data democratization is tough for even the most established enterprises. Now imagine how difficult it is for an organization working to eliminate the connectivity and data access barriers that hold economies and communities back.
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Applying Sensitive Data Intelligence to Multicloud Environments

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, but it comes with significant obligations. The continued growth in data volume, migration to hyperscale multicloud environments and rapidly evolving regulatory environments make it more challenging than ever to efficiently address these obligations. Traditionally organizations have used a variety of siloed tools that were generally not designed for petabytes of data in the cloud. Join Mahood Khan, Global CISO from CNA, along with Rehan Jalil, CEO from Securiti, as they share how CNA has embraced a Unified Data Controls paradigm to efficiently address data security, privacy, governance and compliance requirements with a common platform.
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Workshop: Getting started with cnvrg.io data science platform

cnvrg.io is used across industries to help enterprises accelerate AI from research to production by simplifying DevOps and dependencies involved in building production-ready ML. Whether you’ve just begun the free trial, you’re a new user, or you’re interested in looking deeper into cnvrg.io features, we invite you to join us in a live workshop on how to get started using cnvrg.io.
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