Data Analytics for Healthcare Summit

December 10-11, 2019 | Canada

The Data Analytics for Healthcare Summit will cover areas like creating culture change around the data analyzed, achieving healthcare system transformation with the help of data, Finding net-benefit use cases for analytics program and many more.


David Andrzejewski, Data Scientist of Sumo Logic, talks Machine Learning for Machine Data at Strata 2014.


Destination Lakehouse

November 15, 2022 | Singapore

Every business today has one thing in common — data. To unlock the full potential of your data, you need a data platform that unifies all your data, analytics and AI. Now, lakehouse is fast emerging as the new standard for data architecture but every region has its own unique stories and challenges.

Enterprise Data Conference Europe

November 14-17, 2022 | UK

Explore our insightful and industry-driven agenda, split over 4 tracks and 4 days, with educational workshops, inspiring keynotes, lively panel debates, and case-study masterclass sessions.

Destination Lakehouse: All your data, analytics and AI on one platform

November 2, 2022 | USA

The data lakehouse is the future for modern data teams seeking to innovate with a data architecture that simplifies data workloads, eases collaboration, and maintains the flexibility and openness to stay agile as a company scales. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform realizes this idea by unifying analytics, data engineering, machine learning and streaming workloads across clouds on one simple, open data platform. In this session, learn how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform can meet your needs for every data and analytics workload, with examples of real-customer applications, reference architectures and demos to showcase how you can create modern data solutions of your own.

2022 5th International Conference on Computing and Big Data (ICCBD 2022)

October 28-30, 2022 | China

2022 5th International Conference on Computing and Big Data (ICCBD 2022) will be held in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China during October 28-30, 2022.