Governance,Quality, & Integration

June 17-19, 2019 | USA

Developing a comprehensive data management strategy is a critical step on the path to delivering business value from your data. From ensuring your data quality and governance practices are aligned with your organizations needs and processes to building an integration architecture that supports a wide-array of data and users, you must carefully consider your objectives, components, and capabilities.


Citrix DaaS provides quick, easy access to IT-managed applications and resources – from any device. See how:


Destination Lakehouse: All your data, analytics and AI on one platform

November 2, 2022 | USA

The data lakehouse is the future for modern data teams seeking to innovate with a data architecture that simplifies data workloads, eases collaboration, and maintains the flexibility and openness to stay agile as a company scales. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform realizes this idea by unifying analytics, data engineering, machine learning and streaming workloads across clouds on one simple, open data platform. In this session, learn how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform can meet your needs for every data and analytics workload, with examples of real-customer applications, reference architectures and demos to showcase how you can create modern data solutions of your own.

Data Innovation Summit APAC

January 12, 2023 | Singapore

Welcome! The Data Innovation Summit is the largest and the most influential annual Data and AI event represented in three regions, bringing together the most innovative minds, enterprise practitioners, technology providers, start-up innovators and academics, working with Data Science, Big Data, ML, AI, Data Management, Data Engineering, IoT and Analytics, in one place to discuss ways to accelerate AI driven Transformation throughout companies, industries and public organisations.

CXN Live: Customer Data, Insights & Analytics 2022

September 13-14, 2022 | USA

Given the seismic changes in customer behavior driven by the pandemic, historical data in effect became redundant overnight as businesses instead had to make sense of what was happening in real time. Those businesses with the most established customer data frameworks were therefore much better equipped to respond to these changes and deliver the experiences their customers needed in difficult circumstances.

CDAO Auckland

November 21-23, 2022 | New Zealand

As part of Corinium’s Global Series, CDAO Auckland is THE event for senior data, analytics and digital executives to assess the most critical challenges and opportunities in making informed business decisions.’